Comparison is the thief of joy

I find myself questioning today, questioning my voice, the stories I want to write, the photos I take, the dream of creating a community and inspire people.
I find myself questioning the whole path I’m going.
‚What am I doing wrong? Is it my voice, the content or how I communicate? Am I good enough to do this?’ No, I haven’t the step-by-step guide, the checklist or the easy way to solve a problem, because I don’t believe in such a thing. I haven’t the rainbows and unicorns content, the show of how amazing everything is at any time…

Life has thrown so many stones on my way that I can say: ‚There’s never a one size fits all, an easy-peasy way out.‘
Life is like the ocean, sometimes stormy, sometimes the waves crash over you but there’s also a wonderful sunny day on the beach.
How you deal with storms and waves, how you walk through life is your unique way, it’s your unique expression.

What I truly believe in, is that living in alignment with your heart, connecting to your soul and dreams, connecting to what brings you joy, is the answer and solution to so many problems, the answer to how to weather a storm and to surf your waves of ocean of life.

Finding this connection, this joy is your unique path and comparing yourself with others and their way is the thief of your joy, the thief of connection to your heart.
So keep going to find your joy in your heart, express your uniqueness, express what is important to you in a way that is in alignment with your true self.
Keep listening to the joy of the waves of your heart’s ocean, focus on your wave and don’t compare your ride with the one of others.
Keep surfing your waves of joy.

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