What if sensitivity is a super power?

‚You need to grow a thick skin,‘ ‚don’t take it to your heart so much,‘ ‚life is hard and with your sensitivity you won’t make it in life,‘ ,pull yourself together…’

Do you know these kind of „well-intentioned“ advices? Or did you hear them from your parents since childhood? Or experienced them with friends while they gave you the feeling of being ‚too much‘?

What if sensitivity is a super power? 

What if highly sensitive people bring empathy into this world, into an environment of faster, bigger, more, of an environment of fears, worries and chronic diseases?

What if sensitivity helps people because they feel really seen and understood?

What if sensitivity is the key to healing, not only for yourself but also for others?

Yes, I’m a highly sensitive person and I take things to my heart, and yes, this was one of the reason why I got into burnout and depression.

But the main reason was not using sensitivity as my super power, not owning it as a wonderful character trait, not loving myself for being this person and not setting boundaries to protect it.

The ocean helped me to evolve, to transform it into such a super power.

The ocean was the way to reconnect to my heart and true self.

The ocean helped me to learn how to surf the waves, how to navigate through storms because I was connecting to my feelings and intuition.

 The ocean helped me to create a protection against theses storms, to learn how I can use my heart as a compass, my sensitivity as a lighthouse that warns me of danger.

The ocean helped me reconnecting to the courage of my heart, to my joy and trust in life.

This reconnection was the key to create a new life of healing and adventures, of coming home to my soul.

The ocean is highly sensitive herself but carries also such power and strength. 

The ocean brings so much joy and abundance, holds so much wonder,

she connects people, builds communities, is a teacher and healer and  helps you to be who you really are.

Step into the ocean of your sensitivity and bring your super power into the world because that is what the world needs the most.

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